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Performer is advanced FTP client designed to automate essential FTP tasks
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Performer is an easy-to-use advanced FTP client designed to automate your daily essential FTP tasks: carry out scheduled downloads, regular back ups, search users' hard disks for files and upload them to different accounts, send e-mail upon retrieval of a file to specific users, e-mail alert upon success/failure of file transfer, compare file sizes, password-protect files, read files and write lines to different output files, and much more...

You can program all the applications with its simple built-in scripting language. 84 example scripts for you to view and customize to your own needs.

You can compile scripts to standalone EXE files, so that such complex applications are only one mouse click away for the non-technical users.

Thousands of corporations are already using FTP Performer to transfer data from remote machines via the internet or their intranet. They create EXE files that upload sales data, back ups and/or perform other essential tasks. Get some tips from our customers' comments.

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